Dear distributors, business partners and families:



Adriana Kaufmann Smith founded our Company in 2004 as she entered into successful negotiations with largest filter company in the United States, Flanders Corporation.


Our first distributor agreement with Flanders Corporation involved their MERV Rated Filters, MERV 4 thru MERV 16. We later added all Flanders Products including HEPA Filtration, Filter Frames, Large Centrifugal Air Compressor Inlet Filters, and many others.


David Smith joined the firm in 2009. David was a former Energy Auditor servicing the Industrial Complex in both North and South America. Working for large multi-national corporations such as Southern Peru Copper and General Electric. His 35 years of industrial experience propelled The Filter Store forward at an accelerated pace. This also moved us into a wider product range and a modest warehouse facility.


With these additions. Over the past several years we have doubled the size of our business each year.


We have mainly concentrated on the Industrial Sector, Pharmaceuticals, Aero Space Parts Manufactures, and Large Property Management Groups. Some examples are the Chicago Tribune Group [Sun Sentinel], HEICO Corporation, NIPRO Corporation, L’Hermitage Condo, and Opera Towers in Downtown Miami. During 2015 we will be targeting Universities and Medical Facilities.


We have been and still are 100% dedicated to maintaining our Solutions Provider Status. We will always put your needs ahead of ours. Our relationship is the first thing we think of when we enter our office, until we finally turn off our lights at night.


Before closing we want to thanks you for your support over the years. This support is allowing us to move into a much larger warehouse in early 2015.

We thank you for the first 10 years of a great business relationship and your continued trust.  We look forward to the next 10 together.


David and Adriana Kaufmann Smith                                                            







For the last 10 years The Filter Store Inc  commitment is to provide best levels of air purification at workspace and homes. We look forward to enhace the same commitment while keeping the solution service provider to our priority.


Our Mission

We know that outside your living and work space there are many airborne contaminants to irritate your lungs. Our mission is to help you keep your living and work space as clean as possible to allow fresh air to get to you. Our mission is to help you breathe clean at work and at home.


  • Highest quality  offer, throughout the entire air filter product range.

  • Consistently delivery in 0-7 days

  • Personal contact with our distributors for service enhacement. 

  • Total service solution provider, for air filtering.

General Offices

The Filter Store Inc

200 Leslie Drive, Unit 908

Hallandale Beach, FL, 33009-7318




The Filter Store Inc.

3120 South West 19th Street

Pembroke Park, FL, 33009-2001


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The Filter Store Inc.

200 Leslie Drive, Unit 908

Hallandale Beach, FL, 33009

Office # 1-954-842-4350

Fax Number 954-458-0264


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The filter store calculator, air conditioning filter
The filter store calculator, air conditioning filter
The filter store calculator, air conditioning filter

The Filter Store, commited to help you breathe clean at work and at home. Air conditioning filters

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